Once your submission has been placed here, it will look like the samples I have chosen that can be seen in the Talent Categories Samples hyperlink. Take a look at Music and then Crystal Bowersox. I first saw her as did millions of other people on America's Got Talent. Then I saw her in concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. She is an amazing performer. Anyway, I set up her page and that is pretty much the way the Talent page here will look like. Please click on her website. Whoever submits talent videos to us may also include their website if you have one. Or you can use your folder to create a page for yourself.       
  It is May 3, 2018 today and since we just got serious about this website to show off your talent, there are no talent submissions yet. Once there are, this page will start to look like The Music page inside the Sample Talent Categories section.       
  Click here to see what I mean.      
  Then please click her for Crystal's webpage:  https://www.crystalbowersox.com/      
  C'mon! click on her page. Maybe buy something too. I just bought her Alive CD.      
  If your talent is in art, then it will be placed in the Art page. If your talent is dancing, then your submission will be placed in the Dance page. If your talent is plumbing, then your submission will be placed in the Plumbing page. There may be categories that will join others under one category. For example, if your talent is carpentry, then your submission and the submissions for plumbing may be under the umbrella category as Home Improvement, but I haven't made a decision on that yet.       
  So who will be the first to submit talent?