Before you will be allowed to upload your work, you'll have to register with us. Once you register with us, we'll send you a password to the free upload area. However, for now if you want to learn how to upload your work right now, you can play around using FileZilla just to get used to uploading something in our free area. We will delete all files at least once a day. After you register with us, you'll have your own space that only you (and us) can control. That's when you'll send us an email to let us know that you have uploaded work that you want us to see.  Our reply to your registration request will tell you more on what to do.    
To register…    
Send us an email to and include the following:    
Telephone Number    
We will not divulge your email, name, address, telephone number to anyone. In my opinion, doing that should be illegal if it already isn't. You will never have to agree to somehow, stealthily, as in hidden in the so called "fine print" to unknowingly allow us to sell your information. Put another way, we will not sell, rent, or give away your private information. However, if you want us to post that kind of information on your page, then we'll do it for you.     
Put another way, because I think it's important for you to know this, we will not transfer, sell or in any other conceivable way, let anyone else know who you are or what address you have used. The 2018 scandals that went on  with the big social media companies is something we absolutely are against because it is morally repugnant that someone would sell your information without directly asking, "May we sell your personal information for our own profit?" And if anyone would mask those words inside legal documents that actually do get you to say yes to that question, knowing full well no one reads that stuff, that is awful.  The only way the public will know who you are is if you advertise that information from your own free space. If you know little about website design, then all you'll need to know is how to upload your files. We'll do the rest. However, if you know how or know someone who knows how, you can develop your space anyway that you'd like. Hopefully you'll make a ton of money doing it.     
At some point we may send you a letter stating that you are registered, but for the time being, we may just email that to you. Your address is necessary in case you do something like plagiarize someone else's work or do some other dishonest thing, we will cooperate with the police or a plaintiff of a law suit against you. Don't steal someone else's work and you'll be fine.  We do have to cover ourselves, wouldn't you agree?    
If someone accuses you of submitting work he or she says you plagiarized, we will prevent your work from being viewed here until the matter is settled, probably by court papers. Do not mess around. If the work that you contribute is not 100% yours, then don't upload it. (I am purposely repeating myself, but I have found many people just don't like to read stuff so I want to make sure you know we have to protect ourselves and others who submit work to us.)  
To get access to your own folder, you first have to identify who you are.  We will need your name,  address, and ask for your telephone number.  We will mail to you a letter to sign and return to us.  That will tell us that you are who you say you are.   
Click here to learn how to upload your work after registering with us.    
If uploading your work is a major road block because you cannot follow the uploading instructions, tell us if you want us to call you to help you or you may send us a CD or DVD or  memory stick, USB flash drive or whatever they're called these days. Before doing that, however, you'll need to register with us. Once that is done, you'll be given our private mail box address in Brooklyn, NY to send it there. You'll also have to send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope or box with your address on it so we can return it to you.