First Step                              
  My intention is to gather as much talent as possible and show it on this website.
We are quite different than other websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest.
You won't be able to upload your work until we look at it.
I want what is on this website to be talent that children can see.
It will take a few times to get used to doing things our way because it is so different.
You will be shown how to upload your work to a folder that you will control, but we will inspect.
  I think you would agree that there is a lot of junk on the major social websites. If you submit work that is not acceptable to us, it will not be allowed on this website. Who decides that? Me! I am, after all, looking for "the most talented."    
  There has been no money coming in yet because we just started. If I do get money, which is why I started this website, I will share a certain portion of it with you. That's complicated and here's why. Let's say that your talent draws ten million views and someone else's talent draws ten thousand views. And let's say that if I had an advertiser who paid me $100 because ten million people viewed your work. Should the person whose work got ten thousand views get as much money as you because of your ten million views? Of course not. Right now though I don't have a formula to decide what is fair. Right now, your work will not get you any money at all.     
  There may be however, certain advantages for you to upload your work. Let's say that you are a carpenter. You'll be able to show how masterful you are for free. Whether or not that will bring business your way, I don't know, but it might. For example, take Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I'm into staining concrete floors to make them look amazing. I wouldn't have known they existed if it weren't for them placing their videos on that website. Once I see who does the best job and can work in my area, I may call them for an estimate. Then again too, maybe I'd get good enough at it where I would copy their techniques and not give them any business at all. That's something for you to consider also. Chances are, however, since I've been in contracting, off-and-on since 1971, not too many people know that much about home improvement to do jobs like staining concrete floors.    
  Unlike those TV talent shows that require people to sign contracts where the owners of those shows take a certain percentage of your future work for a specified time, we don't do that. Once you make it to "Talented," whatever you want to do with that notoriety, it's up to you. Once your work is in "Talented," I will come up with a way for the public to vote on who is the most talented.     
  Musicians and singers, please consider this: Let's say that you have an amazing singing voice or are the best guitarist in the world. Chances are, if you don't have good recording equipment, you won't be inducted into the "The Most Talented" categories.  Go on YouTube and you'll see for yourself that good recording equipment is essential. I may not keep you from showing your talent here, but comparing someone with equal musical talent who does not have good recording equipment with someone who does, it makes a world of difference.     
  That's it for now. I will enter more pages soon that will tell you what else will be available to you. In the mean time,  
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